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Facebook To Allow Users Transfer Photos to Google Photos

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A new Facebook feature now allows users to transfer their Facebook photos and videos to other online services, starting with Google Photos. This comes as part of the Data Transfer Project, an agreement between Google, Microsoft, Facebook, and Twitter to make it super easy to transfer information between services.


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The tool will be tested first in Ireland, then in other parts of the world in the first half of 2020. “For almost a decade, we’ve enabled people to download their information from Facebook,” Steve Satterfield said. The director of privacy and public policy at Facebook further explains:


“The photo transfer tool we’re starting to roll out today is based on code developed through our participation in the open-source Data Transfer Project.


The Project also includes Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Twitter. Facebook will start with Google Photos, however, other services join in the future.

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Facebook Tests Data Transfer Tool In Ireland

Facebook is testing the data transfer tool in Ireland and will refine it based on feedback.


It will useful for Google Photos users that don’t automatically backup pictures from their phones. Photos posted to the facebook will be automatically backed up on Google’s service. This adds security to user’s photos and easy access.


The tool rolls out worldwide in the first half of 2020. To access the tool, click the Facebook settings in Your Facebook Information.


Users will get more control over their data, with as the tool lets them bulk export their media, rather than having to save and re-upload things one by one.


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