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Facebook Sues A Company For Selling Fake Likes On Instagram

A company in New Zealand is being sued for allegedly selling fake likes, followers and views to Instagram users.


On Thursday, 25th April 2019, Facebook announced it had filed a lawsuit in a United States Federal Court. It alleged that a company and its directors used different websites to sell fake views, followers and likes to Instagram users.


The lawsuit said they carried out the activity through websites like, and It explained that the company interfered with Instagram’s service and created an “inauthentic experience for Instagram users”. It also accuses them of making an attempt at “fraudulently influencing Instagram users for their enrichment.”


Facebook said it sent cease-and-desist letters to two of the company’s directors in July and December 2018. But since July 2018, they say the company and its directors made at least $9.4 million from selling fake engagements on Instagram.


The site allowed Instagram users who want to inflate their likes, views and followers to pay for automatic likes. Fake likes then appear after a subscriber of the service posts a photograph to Instagram. They will then charge the subscriber based on the number of likes bought.


In March, Facebook also filed a lawsuit against four other companies based in China. It alleged that they had promoted the sale of fake followers, likes and accounts on Facebook and Instagram.


Not only Facebook

The social media industry, in general, is working hard to clamp down on the world of fraudulent likes and followers buying. The Times magazine once did a report on a company that sold likes and followers to celebrities and businesses to boost their online profile.


The company, which went by the name Devumi LLC, had over 200,000 customers at the time. It was discovered that it had famous clients including pastors, models, comedians, athletes and reality TV stars.


Twitter has also been doing its bit to come hard against fake likes and followers.

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