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Facebook Experimental Apps

Facebook Shuts Down Two Experimental Apps, Hobbi And Lasso

Facebook has announced that it is shutting down experimental apps Hobbi and Lasso. Users of the apps reportedly got notifications that the app will be shutting down by 10th July 2020.


Hobbi is similar to Pinterest and was launched in February 2020. The app was developed by Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team and it helps in organising and saving photos of personal projects. Users could then share videos of their projects with friends and family.


The second app, Lasso is similar to TikTok and lets users record 15-second long videos to share with friends and other users. The app was released more than a year and a half ago before Facebook launched the NPE team in 2019. Lasso also has video-editing tools that help its users add music and text to their videos. A similar feature called Reels has been added to Instagram.

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“Many of NPE’s products start small. We expect to have to shut down apps when they’re not catching on, but we also hope to learn from these experiments so that we can build better, more interesting apps in the future,” a Facebook spokesperson said.


Facebook’s NPE team has launched a handful of apps since its start in 2019. Whale, an app for making memes; Tuned, a music app and Bump, a conversation app; have all been launched by the NPE.


The NPE team also launched three other experimental apps in June. CatchUp, a voice call app; Venue, an app with the goal of connecting fans and commentators during live events; and Collab, a Tik-Tok inspired music-making app. It also released an app for Apple watches called Kit in April 2020.


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