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Facebook Is Rolling Out More Protection Features For Teens

Facebook now automatically makes accounts private for anyone under the age of 16 joining its platform as part of its teens protection feature. Then, for those already on the platform, they will receive prompts to take their accounts into private mode.

Typically, private Facebook accounts restricts who can see your friends list and your interests, such as pages, people, and lists you follow. By applying this setting as a default for new teen users, it gives them control over who can reach them. In addition, teens can review posts that they are tagged to and who can comment on their posts.

As part of the teen-protection feature, Facebook would prevent teens from DMing adults that have been blocked or reported by other young users. These adult users would not show up on their People You May Know lists as well.

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This is the latest user-focused protection move that the social media company is making. Recently, we reported on Meta’s announcement to protect users from offensive contents during the Qatar World Cup.

Instagram has already announced these protection features earlier in August and The Verge says that it is working on removing the message button for young users when ‘suspicious’ adults view their accounts.

Once again, Meta is rolling out protection that leaves much in the hands of its users. This way, it can absorb itself from blame when things go wrong. However, the good thing here is that it promises to send prompts when the algorithm spots teens not using the security features available to them.

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