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Facebook Now Allows Third-Party Content Moderators To Work From Home

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Facebook is asking its third-party content moderators to work from home. Mark Zuckerberg told reporters that the contract employees will also get their full benefits even if they cannot complete their normal tasks.


In addition, Facebook plans to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) more in moderating content on its social media sites during the coronavirus outbreak.


Zuckerberg says the work-from-home policy will continue till the “public health response has been sufficient”. A campaign manager with the Workers Agency, Joe Rivano Barros thinks Facebook should do more.


“It’s great that they are letting them work from home, but it seems like the bare minimum Facebook could do,” Rivano had said.


Facebook relies on its contract workers for its content moderation and would prefer they didn’t have to work remotely. This is because they handle sensitive topics like suicidal ideations and child exploitation. Instead, the social media giants will look to shift that responsibility on its full-time employees according to Zuckerberg.

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He also admits that Facebook expects productivity to reduce while its staff work from home. Zuckerberg is aware that workers might also have to deal with their children at home because schools are closed as well.


Facebook content creators
Facebook has close to 15,000 third-party content moderators in the US. Photo: Getty images.

New Facebook coronavirus information center

Mark Zuckerberg adds that Facebook is working on a new coronavirus information center. This he says will push reliable information on the pandemic to the top of people’s Facebook Feeds.


The information center will first launch in the US, Italy, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany and France. The aim is to eventually make this information center worldwide.


The social media giants will also make its Facebook-for-work tools like Workplace free to emergency services and government agencies for the nest 1 year.


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