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Facebook Messenger introduces new shortcuts to save time

Messenger is getting new replies shortcuts that let you send silent messages, ping everyone, quickly use GIFs, make payments, and so on.

Meta is selling the idea that you still need Messenger, despite a coming EU law that will make it possible to chat with people across different chat platforms. To do this, it is rolling out features after features. In truth, this is what iMessage should do if it wants to keep users.

The idea behind the new features is to send messages using ‘the shortest number of keystrokes.’ One of the coming improvements is an @everyone function that sends a notification to everyone in a chat. All you have to do is type @everyone before the message, and you are sure to grab their attention quickly.

In reverse is a silent message feature that you can use when you don’t need an urgent response. To use this, type /silent before inputting your message, and you will give your friend the time to get to it when they are ready.

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Screenshot showing new Messenger shortcuts in action.
Screenshot showing new Messenger shortcuts in action.

Both features are already available on Android and iOS devices as Meta rolled it out on 29 March 2022. However, these are not the only new things that Messenger is getting.

The company will be rolling out other shortcuts like:

  • /pay – to send or request money securely without fees
  • /gif – to quickly call up pop culture references
  • /shrug and /tableflip – to send emoticons of shrug and tableflip, respectively.

These sets of shortcuts will be coming soon as well as a wide range of others. Meta says that you should stay tuned for more.

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