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Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Suffer Outages Again

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Looks like Twitter might have won a second time over the Facebook Inc. siblings. On Sunday, April 14, 2019, Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were unavailable for more than three hours.


Down Detector, a website that monitors down times of social media apps, reported that users of the apps all over the world had complained about the services experiencing downtime. Most users on social media apps Facebook and Instagram, and messaging app WhatsApp were presented with the message: “Something went wrong.”


A couple of hours after, Facebook left a message on its site that they had resolved the issues. They, however, did not formally comment on the problem or give statistics on how many users the outage affected.



Earlier this year, in March 2019, Facebook experienced one of the longest outages ever. Users were unable to access the site. It also affected the other apps under its umbrella as well. Instagram and WhatsApp were down for more than 24 hours.


About 9,000 people reported issues with Facebook, according to the outage tracking website. The larger amount of complaints came from the Philippines, making it the most affected. Central and Eastern Europe were also heavily affected.


However, WhatsApp and Instagram experienced a lower count of outage reports.

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