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Facebook, Instagram And WhatsApp Down Globally

On the evening of 14th March 2019, some people thought there might be some issues with their network providers. Some others thought their phones were playing up, but it was none of these things. It was, in fact, a general problem with the trio of Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Take note also that all three belong to the same company.

Facebook and Instagram were partially down for millions of users around the world yesterday. Some had issues accessing some functions, while others could not engage on these platforms altogether. Though the services seem to have been restored for some, others are still finding it difficult to send messages. Even Facebook’s virtual reality device, Oculus VR, is experiencing some issues as well.

This problem has affected users all around the world including those in India, Bangladesh, Argentina and the United States. According to Down Detector, Brazil had the worst hit.

Instagram made an official statement on its Twitter handle to inform users that it was a general problem. It’s a good thing Facebook does not own Twitter too. Otherwise, how would they have managed to communicate with users?

Six hours after the hit, they posted with an Oprah GIF that they were officially back.

Facebook also used the same platform to address its users explaining that it was not a DDoS attack. They also explained they were working on it.

Facebook users were not able to sign into other apps like Spotify. Using third-party posting apps like Buffer to access Facebook was also nonresponsive as of the afternoon of 13th March. The error message signified that they were having problems attempting to post on the app.

Some people in some parts of the world are still experiencing issues with Facebook. This problem is most likely an issue from the headquarters of the owners of all three companies.

Telegram, another messaging app was able to acquire three million new users during the few hours of this downtime.

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