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Facebook, Google And Twitter Face American Senate Over Censorship

The conservative members of the United States Senate will continue pressing tech companies Facebook, Google and Twitter over alleged political censorship on their platform. However, the tech companies have labelled the fears as unfounded.


The lawmakers held the second hearing on 10th April 2019 to discuss the issues. The Senate Judiciary committee’s subcommittee on the constitution titled the hearing “Stifling Free Speech: Technological Censorship and the Public Discourse.”


The representatives of Facebook, Twitter and Google will attend the hearing to testify. This hearing is to speak on the politics at Silicon Valley, election interference and privacy. The American cabinet is looking to debate among the tech giants.


This will be second-time tech executives will be having this discussion on censorship. In 2018, the House Energy and Commerce Committee discussed censorship with Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO.


Yesterday, 9th April 2019, the representatives of Facebook and Google attended a hearing before the US House Judiciary. March’s New Zealand massacre, live-streamed on Facebook, prompted this conversation.


The judiciary committee heating, live-streamed on Google’s YouTube, met with hateful comments. The comment section was later shut down by Google owing to the very crude remarks.


Trump and conservation groups targeted the trio of Facebook, Twitter and Google for alleged censorship of the opposition.

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