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Facebook Expands List Of COVID-19 Vaccine Claims It Will Remove From Its Site

Facebook has announced that it is expanding what false claims it will remove from its platforms related to COVID-19, the COVID-19 vaccine, and vaccines in general. The company had already started removing debunked COVID-19 claims in December 2020. It was also notifying customers when they had interacted with a post that has false information in the same month.


Facebook has now increased the list of potential claims that could get a post removed on its platform. They include;

— COVID-19 is man-made
— Vaccines are not effective at preventing the disease they are to protect against
— It’s safer to get a disease than to get its vaccine
— Vaccines are dangerous, toxic, or cause autism

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The social media giant says it will start enforcing this policy immediately. Its focus is on groups, pages, and accounts that share content from its new list of debunked claims. Facebook also says it would consider removing the sources of the posts entirely if they are repeat offenders.


The company says that it will only be enforcing the change during the “COVID health emergency”. This means that the change won’t last for long. Facebook was a major source of vaccine misinformation before the pandemic and the platform choosing to tackle it could help its users be better informed.


Facebook also says that it’s continuing to improve search on both platforms to show more “relevant, authoritative results”. This includes displaying users who discourage vaccinations lower in search results on Instagram when a user searches something related to COVID-19.


The social media company is also extending $120 million in ad credits to “help health ministries, NGOs, and UN agencies” spread COVID-19 vaccine information to the billions of users on facebook.



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