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Facebook Expands Into Cloud Gaming But With A Difference

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Facebook is taking steps towards cloud gaming, and it is already differentiating itself from the established competition. The social media giant is introducing cloud games to its existing app, unlike Amazon or Google, which offer standalone cloud gaming services.


Facebook’s vice president of play, Jason Rubin, made the difference very clear. “We’re doing free-to-play games, we’re doing games that are latency-tolerant, at least to start. We’re not promising 4K, 60fps, so you pay us $6.99 per month, we’re not trying to get you to buy a piece of hardware, like a controller,” Jason said.


Going by Jason, Facebook is exploring cloud gaming because it expands the types of games it can offer. Its venture into gaming began over 10 years ago, however, the technology was relatively simpler.

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Facebook’s venture into cloud gaming says expanding to cloud gaming means it can offer more complex games in a fast, seamless way. The company can still offer its old gaming technology along with its new cloud offerings inside the Facebook app.


“The platform is going to allow the 300 million players that we have to continue to play the games they like, but we think they’ll branch out and play more complex games as well,” Jason says.


The company has begun rolling out Free-to-play cloud games in beta starting. The titles include 3D racer Asphalt 9 and the idle roleplaying game Mobile Legends: Adventure.


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