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Facebook Criticises Apple Over iOS 14 Update, Says It Harms Small Businesses

Facebook is criticising Apple for an update in the iOS 14 that it regards as harmful for small businesses. Facebook’s position as a platform for small business is seemingly clashing with Apple’s privacy stance.


Apple had at its annual developer conference in June 2020 announced that the new iOS14 update would require developers to ask users if they want to share their data with them. This clashes with, developers, like Facebook, who prefer to collect user data and information from iPhones so as to specifically target ads to them.


Giving the users the option of opting out of sharing that information will likely result in them opting out. It may not really be an issue for Facebook even though it generates most of its revenue from ads.

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Facebook in protest also says it will no longer collect unique device identifying information, or IDFA, from iPhones. The company doesn’t really need to collect IDFA as it only forms a small chunk of its advertising revenue. Facebook generates most of its data just from users of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.


However, businesses who rely on Facebook to help provide the data to place targeted ads at users will suffer. Facebook is criticising Apple for the potential drop in revenue such businesses might face.


This is not the first time in recent memory that Facebook has criticised Apple. The company had earlier in August 2020 voiced discontent over Apple’s app store policies.


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