Facebook Bans S****l Harassment Content Targeted At Celebrities

Facebook Bans S****l Harassment Content Targeted At Celebrities

Facebook says it’s banning all s****l harassment content targeted at celebrities. The company made the announcement on Wednesday 13, October 2021. It will be removing “severe sexualizing content” as it updates its bullying and harassment policies.

Facebook Bans S****l Harassment Content Targeted At Celebrities

So what exactly does this affect? All Pages, Groups, Profiles and events that aim to sexualise celebrities, politicians and even content creators.

Also in the newest bullying and harassment policy is the ban of any sexualized drawings and photoshops, and dehumanizing content “in the process of bodily functions.”

Antigone Davis, Global head of safety at Facebook gave the details of the instances. Also, Facebook gave reasons for the new bullying and harassment policy.

“We made these changes because attacks like these can weaponize a public figure’s appearance, which is unnecessary and often not related to the work these public figures represent.”

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Twitter meanwhile now allows its web users to “soft block” annoying users, the feature was actually in testing a month ago. How’s this possible? Users can now remove a follower from their page without actually blocking them.

Twitter Now allows Its Web Users To "Soft Block" Annoying Followers
Soft Block feature

This feature is relatively easy, all you have to do is go to your profile, click on your followers. Then scroll through and click on the three-dot menu close to the follower you want to block. After clicking on that, an option to “Remove this follower” will show.

Facebook’s new s****l harassment and bullying policy come at a time where Celebrities and public figures are subject to online torment. The company says that “unwanted sexualized commentary” are no longer entertained on its platform.



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