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Facebook Face masks

Facebook And Instagram Will Now Remind You To Wear Your Face Masks

Facebook says it will now encourage its users to wear face masks by adding the message to its news feed. The social media giant says this in response to the spike in COVID-19 cases across the US.


Users will see an alert at the top of News Feeds on Facebook that will then direct them to the COVID-19 Information Center. Facebook will also provide links to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for more information. A similar notification system will be introduced to Instagram too.


The CDC recommends that people wear face masks in public spaces and while interacting with others to prevent possible infection. Face masks reduce the spread of the virus by blocking the transmission of respiratory droplets that could spread the virus and that’s why Facebook is encouraging its users to keep wearing them.

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Misinformation about the coronavirus has been an issue across Facebook platforms since the start of the pandemic. The company has introduced new features across its platforms to try to stem the tide of misinformation. This includes an alert that informs people who may have engaged with a post that contained misinformation. Facebook also introduced a chatbot to fact-check information on its Whatsapp platform.


The US set a single-day record of 50,000 new cases on Wednesday 24th June 2020. This is as many states began reconsidering easing the shelter in place guidelines and reopen in June 2020. The US now has more than 2.7 million cases of COVID-19, which has killed about 128,000+ people in the region.


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