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FaceApp Is Trending And Social Media Is Going Wild With #AgeChallenge

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The FaceApp #FaceAppChallenge or #AgeChallenge is trending on social media, and you want to be in on it. Especially if you are wondering what you would look like when you are 60. Peradventure, you are already 60, then maybe 120.


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FaceApp is an app that uses Artificial Intelligence to augment a person’s face to look old. The user just needs to upload a photo from their phone gallery on to the app. FaceApp will then use AI to edit the image using one of its filters. You can equally have more fun with the app by changing the hairstyle or putting a smile on.


Iggy Azalea
Image: Getty/Twitter


Interesting enough, this app is not new. FaceApp launched on iOS devices back in January 2017. However, after some controversies, the free app lost some popularity. It was accused of being racist. It had a skin tone change feature that was quickly removed after all the backlash. There were also issues around privacy.


Privacy concerns

The fact that personal photos are used to create the ageing effect is a concern. According to reports, it was gathered that the app, once gaining access to the photos on the phone, uploads all of them online. The photos are then uploaded onto the cloud storage of the app or so it seems.




It apparently uploads all of the photos on the user’s phone online, rather than just the one that the user plans on editing. We expect the free-to-download app to clarify its privacy rules following these reports.


FaceApp also has a Pro version that requires users to pay for a subscription. There are speculations and warnings flying around. Also, users are advised to be careful. Clearly, viral apps usually have come with their own issues and it’s not always just fun and games.


Twitter user and business lawyer Elizabeth Potts Weinstein also confirms, “If you use #FaceApp, you are giving them a license to use your photos, your name, your username and your likeness for any purpose including commercial purposes (like on a billboard or internet ad).” She proves this by adding an image of the terms and conditions of the company.



Social media agog

Instagram and Twitter have now gone wild with users getting a feel of what they may look like in some years. They have gone ahead to filter celebrity faces as well. The hashtag is trending, and it does seem everyone is being conscious of ageing now. Millennials are maybe finally reflecting on their future and deep stuff like the fragility of life.


Everyone seems to be having fun with the app, and here are a few of the funny ones from Twitter.













Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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