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Six Face Cleansing Mistakes You’re Probably Making Right Now

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Face cleansing seems like the easiest thing. It even sounds like it. Honestly, what could go wrong in cleansing your face? The answer to that is a lot. You’re probably guilty of making certain face cleansing mistakes.


Your goal should be to get your skin looking radiant, soft and supple. Anything other than that proves that something isn’t working out well. Failure in successfully cleansing your face can result in you physically ageing quickly. You can also get breakouts, accentuated wrinkles, acne or skin irritation, regardless of your face-cleansing consistency.


That’s why you need to do it right. The older generation learnt that cleansing involved washing your face with water. But water doesn’t cleanse everything you expose your skin to. Whereas, the younger generation found themselves in a world of products. The problem with the latter is that there are way too many products at their disposal, so it can get confusing. It also results in wrong face cleansing choices.


The skin gets exposed to a lot of external grime. Enhancing your look with makeup without performing the perfect cleansing technique worsens it. The goal is to get your skin squeaky clean. So how do you achieve that?


There are several cleansing options: wipes, gels, oils, creams, balms. You need to be certain they have the right moisturising ingredient like glycerine and anti-inflammatories like niacinamide or vitamin B3. Also, ensure your skin feels soft and supple after cleansing, not dry. Finally, you can double cleanse, especially when you had makeup on.


face-cleansing mistakes

Face cleansing mistakes you’re probably making


1. Washing your face with too hot or too cold water

The myth about hot water opening your pores, and cold water closing it up is just that: a myth. You’re only exposing your skin to shock by switching from hot to cold water. The best temperature of water to use is lukewarm. Water doesn’t do the job of removing sebum and oil-soluble dirt from your face. You need to properly cleanse your face and rinse with lukewarm water.


2. Using regular soap

Men are often caught making this mistake, whereas there are better options. Using regular soap strips your face of natural oils and disturbs the natural pH of your skin. It also leaves your skin feeling tight and dry. So, if you have dry skin, your skin is in trouble.


3. Exfoliating daily

Whoever told you to exfoliate daily or even a couple of times a week is wrong. Your skin feels good after a good scrub, but that doesn’t mean you should make it a habit. You can keep your exfoliation to once to three times weekly.


face-cleansing mistakes


4. Soaking up your face-cleansing cream

Using a face cleansing cream feels great. But be careful not to allow dry up into your skin before cleaning it off. It’s near-useless at that point, and you need to actually cleanse again to open up your pores.


5. Buying random cleansers

It says ‘facial cleanser’ or ‘makeup remover,’ and you shove it into your shopping basket. This is wrong. You need to read through the ingredients to be sure you’re buying one that isn’t too harsh. There are cleansers that fit your skin type, and that’s what you should look out for when shopping.


6. Cleansing once a day

In the morning. you need to cleanse your face because of the dirt passed on to your skin surface from your pillowcase. You also need to cleanse at night to clear up all the environmental grime from your skin. So, twice a day (morning and night) is the perfect number of times to cleanse your face.


You can easily correct your face cleansing mistake. Start by deciding to do a better job, and do it. We believe you can!

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