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extreme sports Apple Watch 2-inch display features

Upcoming extreme sports Apple Watch to get 2-inch display

The coming extreme sports Apple Watch Series 8 are rumoured to be getting incredible features like a 2-inch display, making it the company’s biggest smartwatch display yet. It would have a 410 by 502 resolution on its nearly seven per cent larger screen.

Mark Gurman also revealed that the company plans to fit it with a larger battery for more extended use. And, for its likely hazardous working environment, the smartwatch will be packed in a sturdier aluminum case. 

The display is said to be larger because Apple could be bringing additional fitness metrics, or it wants to display more information in one go. Given that it is made for extreme sports, users may not always have the time to keep swiping the screen for more info; it would be a great help if the smartwatch showed as much as possible in one glance.

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For now, the features trickling out are rumours, and it will be a while before Apple confirms anything. Yet, they are interesting. 

Recently, we heard that the Series 8 would likely be able to detect fever, and its S8 chipset will allow users to track more activities like hiking and swimming.

We may not have to wait for much longer as September is around the corner, and Apple is expected to either release the smartwatches or at least announce their features. The company allegedly has a ton of other hardware stuff to release as well., and the next couple of months could be busy for its sales team.

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