You are currently viewing Extraction Producer David Guillod Charged With Multiple R*pe & Kidnapping

Extraction Producer David Guillod Charged With Multiple R*pe & Kidnapping

Top Hollywood producer David Guillod has been arrested for alleged multiple s*x crimes; including r*pe and kidnap to r*pe.


He is charged with assaulting a woman in Los Angeles in May 2012. He is also accused of r*ping an employee of a management firm he operated during a December 2014 wine country retreat in Santa Barbara County.


The woman received a $60,000 payment and made to sign a nondisclosure agreement before leaving the company, according to sources familiar with the allegations. Yet she reported Guillod’s alleged attack to Los Angeles police in 2017 after other women reported they were s*xually assaulted by him as well.


Guillod’s third and fourth alleged attacks, in January 2015, involve a woman from Santa Barbara County and one from Los Angeles County, according to sources. The alleged attacks took place in May 2012, December 2014 and January 2015, according to authorities.

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Guillod’s lawyer, Philip Cohen, successfully argued his client’s bail be reduced to $1 million from $3 million. Cohen noted the case has been moved from Santa Barbara to Santa Maria for the next court hearing.


David Guillod turned himself into the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department on Monday morning.

Hollywood Producer David Guillod Accused Of Multiple R*pe Cases

He is the producer of the movies “Atomic Blonde” and Netflix’s “Extraction”. He also ran Primary Wave Entertainment, a talent agency, until 2017. Guillod resigned from Primary Wave in 2017 following s*xual assault allegations from actress Jessica Barth. She accused the manager-producer of drugging her at a dinner in 2012 and then s*xually assaulted her.


If convicted as charged, David Guillod faces a potential sentence of 21 years to life in prison. Guillod’s next court appearance is scheduled for 30th June in Santa Maria.


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