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Experts Want European Union To Ban AI Mass Surveillance

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Some policy experts in Europe recommend that the European Union should ban the use of Artificial Intelligence for mass surveillance.


Apparently, the practice involves the collection of a range of data from the citizens. They use criminal records and social media behaviour to judge a person’s morals or integrity.


This comes amidst fears that AI-enabled mass evaluation developed from China’s social credit system. The Chinese government used it to gain control over the behaviour of its citizens.


They used it to dish out outrageous punishments. For example, they can ban someone from travelling on high-speed rail for criticising the government.


The experts suggest that citizens should not be subject to unjustified physical, personal or mental tracking or identification using AI. This will include using AI to track facial expressions and voice.



The European Union looks to establish itself as a leader in ethical AI. It subsequently released its first guideline on the topic in the first quarter of the year. It also stated that Artificial Intelligence in the EU should be deployed in a human-centric and trustworthy manner.


A member of the expert group that authored the report, Fanny Hidvegi, said the document lacked clarity. They also criticised the EU’s process for drawing motivation by corporate interests.


The experts also proffered other specific recommendations. They also identified areas of Artificial Intelligence research that required funding. Furthermore, they encouraged the European Union to suggest new methods to monitor the impact of AI. Ultimately they asked the EU to infuse AI training in schools and universities.

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