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Experts say they will know if Russia plans to launch a nuclear weapon

Amidst growing tension and fear of a possible nuclear weapon launch, experts say that they will know if Russia plans to launch a nuclear weapon.

The report, compiled by WIRED, is important as NATO conducts a routine nuclear strike exercise called Steadfast Noon, where fighter jets that can carry nuclear weapons practice flight. Expectedly, Russia would respond with an exercise of its own, in an attempt to show strength.

Neither of the exercise would really carry nuclear warheads. However, in the event that Russia moves ahead with its threat to deploy nukes, several experts have said that the rest of the world would know. Although, it is important to note that there has been no sign of it.

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For one, while every country has secrets it keeps, there are still a lot known. Russia’s nuclear weapons are kept at bases, which are far from launch sites and these weapons will have to be transported there. So, in the event of a possible launch, such activities can be spotted by several watchers.

As stated, countries have secret and while not all the maneuvers leading to a nuke launch can be seen, there is the likelihood that some will be seen.

“My understanding is, you would see the movement of the launchers, the missiles, the aircraft. It would be a pretty visible operation, and quite frankly, I think Russia would want it to be visible,” Pavel Podvig, head of Russian Strategic Nuclear Forces, said. Several others share Podvig’s sentiment.

There are satellite or aircraft sensors, owned by several governments, watching each other for these signs.

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