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Ex Google Developer Studio contractor claims company is a cult

A former Google Developer Studio (GDS) contractor, Kevin Lloyd, claims that the company wrongly terminated his contract for challenging its cult activities.

In a report by The New York Times, Lloyd said that he noticed that members of a certain religious group ran GDS and largely influenced what happened there. However, when he raised an eyebrow and tried to challenge the culture, he said he was fired.

Lloyd concedes that he was a contractor and worked as a video producer for the company before he was let go. Yet, he has filed a lawsuit of wrongful termination, retaliation, emotional distress, and failure to protect him against discrimination, The Verge said.

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The Times report mentioned above named Fellowship of Friends as the religious group in question. A little detail about the Fellowship of Friends:

They also go by the name Living Presence and the Fourth Way School, and there mission is to create the seed of a new civilization after the catastrophic doom predicted by its founder and to create consciousness in the members of the organisation. There are nearly 1,600 members associated with the religion and almost  all of them live near a1200-acre compound owned by the organisation.

The allegations that Lloyd is making doesn’t seem far-fetched because GDS is run by Peter Lubbers, a longtime member of the organisation. Lubbers has brought on several other Fellowship members as employees . In addition, members also get to work at several Google events.

Google’s response to the lawsuit was that the former contractor was fired because of his performance. It has not commented on the cult allegations.

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