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Everything You Need To Know About Lenovo Ducati 5 Laptop

Everything You Need To Know About Lenovo Ducati-themed Laptop

Lenovo and Italian motorcycle manufacturing company, Ducati, themed up to create a laptop that fuses speed and design. According to Lenovo press release, here is everything you need to know about the laptops.


The special edition laptops are known as Lenovo Ducati 5. While it looks sleek and beautifully crafted, its performance is likened to that of a beast and it brings high computing power as well.


Ducati and Lenovo had penned a partnership deal in 2018 when the Italian motorcycle racing company confirmed that the Chinese tech firm will be its official technology partner. Thus, Lenovo Ducati 5 aimed to capture the essence of the two companies.


“Each element chosen was no accident, there was zero chance we were just going to slap a logo on something—the materials, finishes and colors used all had to meet a high standard,” Brian Leonard, Vice President of Design for the Lenovo Intelligent Devices Group said.

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In fact, the laptop’s BIOS chime is said to sound like the hum of a MotoGP bike zooming along a track. It was a limited version and Lenovo, one of the leading laptop brands in the world, only made 12,000 units of Lenovo Ducati 5.


The laptop had launched officially in April 2020 and ran on 10th Generation Intel Core i5 processors. It used Intel integrated graphics and touted a 14-inch Full HD display. Also, its speakers are facing upwards and supports Dolby Audio for better sound quality.


It appears that this premium Lenovo brand is still up for sale. Lenovo Ducati 5 is a laptop that perfectly blends style and performance. The laptop make is having a really impressive year. It was named the top supercomputer vendor in 2020. It also comes only second to HP in number of PCs sold in 2020.


Lenovo has also announced laptops launching with the much sought after 11th Generation Intel processors which are nicknamed Tiger Lake.


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