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Every Exciting New Feature That Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition Brings

The Chinese electronics company, Xiaomi is having a good year despite the effects of the coronavirus, by Monday 27th April 2020, it is set to launch Mi 10 Youth Edition along with other products and software.


The Mi 10 Youth Edition is the latest smartphone under the Mi 10 series and it will launch alongside Xiaomi’s software MIUI 12 and a new smartwatch.


While the Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro are its siblings, Mi 10 Youth Edition is very different. The difference is evident in both design and specifications. Xiaomi recently released what details of some of its exciting features. See them below:

1. Multiplicity Photography

Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition
Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition multiplicity photography. Photo: Gizmo China.


This refers to the capturing of the same subject in different positions. Usually, to achieve this effect, users have to do some editing but with the Mi 10 Youth Edition, it is easier. The smartphone comes with a multiplicity photography option in the phone’s camera application.

2. Burst Video Mode

The burst video mode is simplifying the skills content creators need to have. According to a description on GizmoChina, when this mode is switched on, the Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition lets you record video with anime effect. Something like the burst effect of speed altering how the human eye.

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The company claims that this technology was possible by marrying AI and AR.

3. 50x Digital Zoom

To give it a fighting chance in the powerful camera range contest, Xiaomi Mi 10 Youth Edition has a periscope sensor among its four rear cameras. This allows it to achieve a 50x digital zoom.


Coupled with the main 48MP camera, an 8MP ultra-wide shooter and 5MP macro unit, this smartphone features amazing snapping abilities.

4. Dual-mode 5G

The released specifications reveal that the smartphone is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. Thus, it supports dual-mode 5G usage. It also brags about its super-fast processing power.


In addition, Xiaomi’s scheduled MIUI 12 launch for Monday will come with Android 10. Also, the new Xiaomi Watch Color is called the Keith Haring edition.


Xiaomi Watch Color Keith Haring edition Mi 10 Youth Edition
Xiaomi Watch Color Keith Haring edition. Photo: Itzine.


Thus, the watches will be the child of the company’s collaboration with the Keith Haring Foundation. Keith Haring had been a popular artist and activist who made colourful works. He created iconic motifs like the radiant baby and the barking dog


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