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Ever Mistakenly Deleted A File? This New Windows File Recovery Tool Will Restore It

Ever Mistakenly Deleted A File? This New Windows File Recovery Tool Will Restore It

Microsoft rolls out a new recovery tool for Windows users, this will enable you to restore files that you may have deleted mistakenly. Learn more about this tool in this article.


Recovery tools have proven to be valuable in the hands of everyone who uses an electronic device. This is because accidents occur and you may find out that you have deleted an important file. Or, in some cases, you may have wiped your entire hard drive.


Additionally, Microsoft says the Windows File Recovery tool can help you in situations where your files are corrupted. However, it is most effective when applied as soon as you delete a file or find the corrupted one. Otherwise, a delay may lead to it been overwritten.

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The company adds that it is effective for all types of files including photos, documents, videos, and more. If you want to recover the files from a camera or SD card, Microsoft says you should try the Windows File Recovery Tool Signature mode.


Thus, it does not matter if you are dealing with JPEG, PDF, PNG, MPEG, Office files, MP3 & MP4, or even ZIP files. This recovery tool works fine all on file formats.


Its earlier mentioned Signature mode can also enable you to recover files from HDD, SSD, USB, and memory cards. It supports NTFS, FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems as well.


To download the latest Windows File Recovery tool for free, click here. Note that it only works on PCs that run on the Windows 10 version 19041.0 operating system or higher.


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