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European Authorities Warn Against Downloading Qatar World Cup Apps

European data protection agencies in various countries have issued warnings against downloading official Qatar World Cup apps. According to the ones we saw collated by Apple Insider, the apps are absolute privacy nightmares.

Although they did not name apps yet, it seems that the warning covers every app launched for the 2022 international competition. Especially, new ones that are touted to help visitors navigate, schedule travel, and find other useful details during their stay in Qatar for the tournament.

A German data regulator said that these apps collect more data than it says it does on its policy statement. They are allegedly able to store phone call data and some even prevent the device from sleeping, a tactic that malware uses to keep monitoring a device.

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The agency further said that the data is not only kept locally but could be going somewhere else because it found that it was been transmitted to a central server.

Meanwhile, a Norway data authority warned that the Qatar government could be using them to keep tabs on people. For visitors who must download the apps, they are advised to do so only when they leave their home country and delete them when they leave the Arabian country.

Germany even goes as far as telling citizens to get a black phone (a phone different from their usual ones), if they feel that they need these Qatar World Cup apps.

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