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Etinosa Threatens To Use Quran As Ashtray, Deletes Post After Backlash

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Nollywood actress Etinosa Idemudia has threatened to use the Quran as an ashtray for a price. Over the weekend, the actress did a live video on Instagram where she was seen smoking and using the Holy Bible as an ashtray.


She said Proverbs 22 verse 6 was a scam as it had no effect in her life. This made social media users dare her to use the Quran as an ashtray and face the consequences.


Etinosa Threatens To Use Quran As Ashtray, Deletes Post After Social media threats


An Islamic poet released a video yesterday threatening the actress about the grievous consequences of the action she was about to take.


In response, Etinosa called the Bible and Quran textbooks produced In Idumota market and stated she would use the Quran if paid handsomely.


See her post below:


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“If you want to use my name for click bait, pay me” —- Etinosa speaks on using the Quaran as an ashtray.

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The Chief Imam of Ansar-Ud-Deen, Abdulrahman Ahmad, condemned the actress’ actions, saying there are consequences to them.


He said:

“It is a pity for us as a people and a country that we are where we are today. I don’t like to comment on issues like this because I think it is below the dignitary of religious people and those with conscience and goodwill to be commenting on issues like this. More or less, individuals are trying to acquire fame and we should not help them.


“Otherwise, this issue should not be discussed at all; it is bad news. It questions our collective morality; why should we be discussing issues like this and celebrating it; popularising a wayward individual.”


Meanwhile, Etinosa has deleted the posts in which she stated her intentions to use the Quran as an ashtray. We wonder if the actress indeed felt threatened by the comments from her Muslim followers so much that she listened to the voice of reasoning.


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