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Essential Beauty Hacks You Need To Follow For Your Dry Skin

Essential Makeup Hacks For People With Dry Skin

Maintaining dry skin is no small feat. There is the issue of constant flakiness and dry patches that can make caring for this skin type an uphill task.


Not just that, applying makeup can be a delicate situation because you never know if the products or techniques being used are aggravating the problem. However, the trick to use the right makeup for dry skin is to mix hydrating products into the makeup. Wondering how to go about it?


Below are makeup hacks you need to follow for your dry skin.

Moisturiser + Foundation

Essential Makeup Hacks You Need To Follow For Your Dry Skin

If your foundation does not blend well on your face, it’s probably because your dry skin isn’t moisturised enough when makeup is applied. To turn that around, apply an extra shot of hydration by mixing a dime-sized amount of moisturiser with your liquid foundation. Not only will this combination provide a moisturised base for your makeup with medium coverage, but it also won’t be too heavy on your skin either.

Primer + Blush

Essential Makeup Hacks You Need To Follow For Your Dry Skin

Although a cream blush is ideal for dry skin, if you don’t have one, it’s no big deal. To give your cheeks a hydrated flush of colour, just make one yourself! To do so, mix a bit of primer with a bit of blush powder on the back of your palm to create a paste. Once you’re done, dot a small quantity of it on the apples of your cheeks with your fingertips and blend it into the skin using a brush. This will make the application much simpler and keep your blush intact without affecting your dry skin.

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Petroleum jelly + Mascara

Essential Makeup Hacks You Need To Follow For Your Dry Skin

If the dryness is affecting your lashes as well, there’s one makeup trick that we’ve got for you. Before applying transparent or black mascara, apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to your lashes. Not only will this leave your lashes well-moisturised, but it will make them look fuller. This will also help in case your mascara is drying out.

Lip Balm + Matte Lipstick

Essential Makeup Hacks You Need To Follow For Your Dry Skin

One of the downsides of dry skin is chapped lips that almost always feel flaky. They can hold you back from applying a matte lipstick as this makes your chapped lips more visible. To freely use matte lipsticks, add a dose of hydration before you apply lipstick. This makeup hack moistens the lips and removes flakiness. Do so by first applying a lip balm and then coating it with a matte lipstick of your choice.


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