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Epic Reveals That Its Game Store Grew By Over 50 million Users

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New starts from Epic Games Store show how its game storefront grew in 2020 in comparison to 2019. The store launched in 2019 and has grown from 108 million registered users registered in 2019 to over 160 million accounts now on PC.


It nearly doubled its monthly active users from 32 million in December 2019 to 56 million in January too. According to Epic, the Game store’s daily active user count went up to 31.3 million, which it claims is a 192 percent boost. Its peak concurrent player count hit 13 million in 2020, almost double of its 7 million peak in 2019.

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It seems that its strategy of giving away free games each week worked to keep people coming back to the store. Another factor in its favour is that the store is the sole provider of Fortnite on PC. Epic gave out 103 free games in 2020 with gamers claiming over 749 million copies. The company plans to continue giving out titles for free to its customers in 2021 and there’s no doubt that it will keep the customers coming back.


The growth also reflects in the store’s revenue. Gamers spent $700 million within the PC game store in 2020. Of that amount,  $265 million was spent by gamers on third-party games not made by Epic (this excludes the value of coupons and promos used on those games, and the value of Epic’s own funding of these developers).


Epic says it’s working to make it easier for developers to publish games on the Game Store going forward. It also says it’s working on community-oriented features. These will include an overhaul to its social components, player profiles, and updates to its achievements and wishlist features.



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