Eniola Badmus Opens Up About Her Desire To Participate In BBNaija

Eniola Badmus Opens Up About Her Desire To Participate In BBNaija

Popular Nigerian actress Eniola Badmus recently opened up on her desire to participate in BBNaija, Africa’s biggest reality TV show. The actress made the revelation while in an interview with PUNCH.

Eniola Badmus Opens Up On Her Desire To Participate In BBNaija

“If I were not a celebrity, I would definitely go for BBNaija season six. As a matter of fact, if there is an opportunity to go into the house at any time, I will go. I am not one of the people that condemn the show” she said.

The actress recounted her participation in similar reality shows in the past and how such helped to broaden her knowledge of things. Eniola also dismissed criticisms that the show promotes immorality, noting that viewership is optional.

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“I don’t even think anyone should condemn it. Watching the show is by choice. The show is not aired on national television. It is on cable TV where one has to subscribe with money. Participating in a reality show would not be hard for me because I have being in one before.

One advantage I have is that I attended a boarding school. I actually won the show I participated in but they have not given me the prize money till now. I learnt a lot of things during that reality show.

The tasks challenged me and broadened my knowledge. I like reality shows because it is a way of co-existing with different people. It also teaches one how to deal with certain circumstances.” She said.

Eniola Badmus urged the public to change their perception of the show, explaining that aside from its entertainment function, it also features other programmes that educate the people.

“I know some people have condemned the show, saying that it does not teach morals. Some people also think it is misplaced priority for a young person to desire to be on the show. But, I don’t agree with that.

The show is purely for entertainment, so every bit of it has to be entertaining. There are also a lot of tasks done on the show that can be classified as educative. It preaches body positivity as well.” She added

DStv Nigeria had recently announced an early entry audition for this year’s edition with the winner expected to get a grand prize of ₦90 million.


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