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See company making uncanny life-like Android robots

Engineered Arts is a UK-based company making weirdly realistic and uncanny Android robots for education and entertainment purposes.

While it may be hard to keep your lunch down after seeing some of the behind the scene footages of the company’s design for the first time, Will Jackson, its CEO says that the robot is supposed to be harmless.

What Engineering Arts do at the moment is sell the robots for personal, entertainment and education purposes. The robots can interact with people to a disturbing ‘normal’ level and even manages facial experiment. Here is a video of Ameca, the company’s most popular offering, trilling people at the CES :

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As the video already indicated, Ameca’s look was inspired by Will Smith’s 2004 iRobot. They have an auto mode and remote control mode that allows the robot hold what can pass as a conversation or enable a hidden person control its speech and movements.

Engineered Arts found a way around several of the challenges that tech companies face. It uses mechanical limbs, silicone faces, and rubber to make the bodies look human-like.

Although, there are still several works to be done to improve the company’s robots, it has come so close to making a robot that acts as human as it looks.

What sets the company apart mostly is that it does not pretend that everything the robots do are of their own accord or intelligence. Instead, it acknowledges that it is just tricking people most of the time.

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