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#EndSars: Social Media In The Fight Against Oppression By Traditional News Media And The Government

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For the fourth day in a row, young Nigerians have used protests and social media as a tool of fighting systemic oppression against both the Nigerian government and the traditional news media in Nigeria. The message has been clear and simple, #EndSars.


However, the government at the Federal level are hiding their head in the sand like ostriches, ignoring the peaceful and calm protests while the state governments are choosing to be tone-deaf to the complaints of the young populace.


Young people in Nigeria have found a voice that cannot be manipulated. Social media is a tool for fighting their oppression, this time SARS, and they are using it well. #EndSars has been the top global trend on Twitter for about 3 days in a row.

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Over 5 million Tweets and possible evidence of war crimes against members of the police, and members of the government. Like this tweet where the police chose to shoot peaceful protesters.



The traditional media is playing accomplice to the systematic oppression of the government but social media is bigger than both of them.  Take for example Television station, TVC, chose to misreport events that resulted in the death of a protester in Oyo state Nigeria. The channel relays the event as the young Nigerian, Jimoh Isiaq losing his life in a crossfire. This indicates an illegitimate struggle and a violent riot.



It didn’t even take minutes before Nigerians responded to the lie with video evidence of the Nigerian Police Force opening fire on unarmed protesters.

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However, another tweet shows Jimoh, standing, hands akimbo, armless watching moments before his death.



The government is resorting to its well know tactic, lies and oppression, aided by the traditional media, however this time the protesting youths have the perfect foil for that, social media. There, they can’t destroy the evidence or intimidate the protesters, little wonder they want to regulate it so bad.


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