You are currently viewing #EndSars Protests: Oppression In High Places And The Nigerian Youths

#EndSars Protests: Oppression In High Places And The Nigerian Youths

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After the Presidential broadcast yesterday, in response to the #Endsars protests, one thing is clear; SARS is the least of our problems. Although Nigerians took to social media to joke about their pains, and talk about leaving the country, the reality is this, the ‘war’ is not over.


The popular movement has galvanised the country’s youth population into believing they can unitedly change the country. The Nigerian youth know they can make the government listen to them.


It won’t stop, the politician might control traditional media, but young Nigerians own social media. With social media, Nigerians called the world’s attention to the happenings in the country, getting, the former US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton and the US mission in Nigeria to comment on the issue. Also, for the first time, via social media, Nigerians in unity refuted oppression, albeit until the governments troll army started swinging misinformation on purpose to divide a united cause.

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Form what we see, the Government is also very afraid of the power of social media. Several attempts at restraining social media has already been resisted. The latest by Adamu Garba, threatening to sue Twitter boss, Jack Dorsey and raising fears of a ban.


One thing is clear, SARS resides in Aso Rock. After seemingly threatening Nigerians for standing up for their rights, ignoring the massacres in Lagos and Zamfara and asking the international community to mind its business, it seems that the very elements of oppressions in Nigerians will continue their disregard for Human rights and the rule of law.


However, young Nigerians are better prepared to defy these element and keep demanding better. Social media has become the tool for free expression, and expectedly, that there will be some battle for its soul. The protests might have started as #EndSars, however, it is as though SARS was just scratching the surface.


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