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#EndSARS: Five Things To Note From The IGP’s Dissolution Of FSARS

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Following the Nationwide #EndSARS protests, the Nigerian Government has annouced the disbandment of the dreaded police unit, FSARS.#EndSARSThe Inspector-General of Police made the announcement during a press conference held in the nation’s capital, Abuja.

Meanwhile, here are five noteworthy information from the announcement.

  • The IGP in his address said members of the now-defunct SARS group will be redeployed to other police units.
  • A new policing unit will spring up to help tackle crimes like robbery and kidnapping.
  • He also disclosed that an investigation into allegations made against SARS officers would be initiated.
  • A Citizens and Strategic Stakeholders Forum will also be launched. This is to help bring complaints against the police to proper bodies for investigation and prosecution
  •  An investigative unit comprising of Civil Society Organisations will also be formed. They will address complaints and deliver justice to aggrieved citizens.
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The dissolution of FSARS is no doubt a win for Nigerians who have staged protests both within and outside the country calling for the end of SARS.


However many are still skeptical and insist on a presidential executive order from Nigeria’s number 1 citizen to allay their fears.

See some of them below


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