You are currently viewing #EndHomophobiaInNigeria Trends On Twitter – See Reactions Here

#EndHomophobiaInNigeria Trends On Twitter – See Reactions Here

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The hashtag, #EndHomophobiaInNigeria has been trending on Twitter. This hashtag came up because of a recent killing of a gay Nigerian in the country.


The story revolves around two men who killed the man they had met on Facebook. The men allegedly lured the victim to a certain location and on arrival, robbed and killed him.


It has caused diverse comments on social media. The murder of this man reveals that the hate for gay people in Nigeria is real and that it can go as far as murder.


Amidst the several social media conversations, many facts have surfaced. Users also called out influencers for not lending their voice to the death of this gay man because they are homophobic.

See some reactions below:


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#EndhomophobiainNigeria Trends On Twitter- See Reactions Here
A lady flying the Lgbt flag. Photo:


On the other hand, a handful of people stated that Nigerians are hypocrites. They said that they condemn homos*xuals while ‘shielding rap*sts’.

Some of these tweets are below:




But will the government do anything to stop homophobic attacks in Nigeria, despite it being is a crime in the country?


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