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Enable iOS 14’s Camera And Mic Access Indicator On Android Via Access Dots

Access Dots is an app by XDA recognised developer, Jagan2, that brings iOS 14 enabled camera and mic access indicator to Android.


Our phones are now filled with more applications than we can keep up with, and we only need a few of them. There are several apps, disguised as utilities that are secretly spying on us with granted permissions.


Background use of phone camera, microphone, or location is common on Android 9 devices and above. Xiaomi with MIUI 12 and Apple with iOS 14 can alert users of rogue apps accessing mics, cameras or locations in the background of their phones.


Access Dots offers a similar feature to older versions of Android phones. It is also available for other phone manufacturers and does not discriminate.

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Access Dots is created by an Indian developer that uses the online persona of jagan2. The app gives visual cues at the upper right corner of your phone display, you can, however, pick an area of cues from inside the application’s settings. You can likewise browse different colours for the camera and mic and even change the size of the cues from the Settings.


Access Dots settings on Android phones.


It is currently available on the Google Play Store. Access Dots does not require permission for camera and mic when installed.

How to install Access Dots on your smartphone

  • Tap the Play Store icon on the Home screen
  • Next, tap on the Search box at the top of the screen, and start typing the word ‘Access Dot’
  • Access Dot appears in the results list, tap Install
  • When the installation is complete, tap on Open.


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