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Emojis Can Improve Your S*x Life, Study Suggests

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Emojis have become an acceptable mode of self-expression on social media and instant messaging apps. Millennials can have a full conversation without even using any words. It is interesting because usage differs and an emoji can have a number of meanings. Mostly, it depends on the context and who is actually using the emoji.


In all of these complexities, a new study has some very interesting revelations. Some researchers at The Kinsey Institute, USA have carried out a survey on over 5,000 participants. Their deductions were simple – people who use more emojis had a more active s*x life and went on more first dates.


The study revealed that frequent use of emoji can directly affect a person’s s*x life. They say that it correlated with the number of second dates a person would go on. Apparently, people who use emojis were more susceptible to getting kissed or even having s*x on first dates. Ultimately, this mode of communication also raises their chances of entering relationships.


Emoji your way to an active s*x life

86.8% of the over 5,000 people involved in the study identified as being heteros*xual. Meanwhile, 62.2% were white people. The study explains that “the use of emojis allows daters to communicate important affective information to potential partners which facilitates successful intimate connection and more romantic and s****l opportunities.”


“This suggests that those who use emojis more often in this context are more successful at establishing a connection and thus enjoy more opportunities for romantic and s*xual engagement,” the research stated.

S*x & Emoji

However, the research did not clarify what emojis would most likely get people laid more. It will probably make sense that in the emoji journey, users use wisely. A water drip emoji during a first conversation might just get you blocked. But it will be interesting to see if this works among black Africans too. Especially as the demography involved was mostly Caucasian.

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