You are currently viewing Emeka Ike Reveals What An Abusive Wife Can Does To Her Husband

Emeka Ike Reveals What An Abusive Wife Can Does To Her Husband

Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike has revealed that manipulative and abusive women exists.

Emeka Ike Reveals What An Abusive Wife Can Does To Her Husband
Emeka Ike


In a now deleted post on Instagram, Ike gave his followers an assignment to go ask their grandparents why father die before their wives.

In his words, women don’t marry for love anymore, but are more interested in the material benefits of the marriage..

He wrote: “Pls, pls do your research well. Most women abuse men more lately. They don’t love again. Most of them marry u for ur money and make ur life miserable, if not kill you. I was a victim. Why are kidnappers and armed robbers wives not crying out? Why must it be very rich and successful men lately?

Violent men are in the cover while this kill and get rich model spreads unrecognized. Not saying their are no deadbeat men but the increase on the other gender manipulative edge is totally ignored.

Why do men have to always die before women in marriage? Ask your father. Ask your grand father. That’s if they are still alive to tell u things.

Pls, pls Lets stop encouraging these wicked, misleading and greedy women, with this mundane top. Na GOD save me.”

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Emeka Ike’s failed marriage to former wife Emma was one of the messiest celebrity marriage collapses ever covered. It was filled with so much drama and counter-accusations from both parties.

Emeka Ike Reveals What An Abusive Wife Can Does To Her Husband
IIke and ex wife Suzanne Emma

In 2015 the actor’s wife, Suzanne Emma, filed for a divorce on the allegation of domestic violence leading to the end of their marriage.

In March 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court finally dissolved the marriage. The panel dissolved the marriage in judgment following a petition filed by Suzanne.

The court then proceeded to grant Emeka the custody of their four children. It, however, ordered that Suzanne should be granted unhindered access to them.

In October 2019, Emeka Ike announced the birth of a baby girl from his second marriage with Yolanda.

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