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Elon Musks Reveals That The Cybertruck Will Be Approximately 3% Smaller

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Elon Musk has taken to his favorite social media platform, Twitter to reveal more details about the Cybertruck.


While the Tesla CEO was responding to questions on the social media platform, he revealed that the Cybertruck will be 3% smaller in size than the prototype that was unveiled at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


A Cybertruck enthusiast asked Musk about news on the electric truck to which Musk replied saying; “We’re working on increasing dynamic air suspension travel for better off-roading. Needs to kick b*tt in Baja.”


The Baja 1000 is an off-road race held every year in Mexico. Musk probably wants the Cybertruck to compete in this off-road event.


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Another Twitter user then asked him what the biggest change was from the prototype that was unveiled to the production model, to which Musk replied that the Cybertruck will be approximately 3% smaller. It will also have a more level and a lower windowsill.



The reduction in size is likely to reduce the weight of the Cybertruck and even make it look sporty. The new suspension system will also be all new and different from those in its previous models. Musk says he plans to review the overall system with his engineering team sometime next week.


Production of the electric Cybertruck will begin around late 2021. Less powerful models are, however, set for production in 2022.


Musk had also revealed in March 2020 that Tesla is scouting areas in the US for a new production plant (Gigafactory) to assemble the Cybertruck.


Reports suggest that the company was looking at areas like Nashville and Tennessee. Austin, Texas, Joplin and Missouri are inviting the company, with Joplin offering Tesla $1 billion in incentives.


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