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Elon Musk Is Removing ‘Twitter For iPhone’ Tag

As part of the latest changes coming to Twitter, Elon Musk said that the platform will remove the tag that shows what device a user is tweeting from. Soon, you will no longer see those elitist ‘Twitter for iPhone’ tags.

The development joins the efforts to solve slow Twitter loading in some countries. Musk had apologised to those experiencing difficulty in using the platform and even expressed confusion as to why the situation was so. It is not yet clear when the tags would be officially gone and if the move solved the speed problem.

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While he is removing one tag, the new Twitter boss is adding another one. This time, it is a tag that reads ‘Official’, under verified accounts. The move was to further verify that accounts baring the blue check badge actually belonged to the public figure. However, it is confusing because some hours after announcing the feature, the tech billionaire said he was shutting it down. Yet, after days of saying so, some accounts still bare the ‘Official’ tag.

The ‘Official’ tag becomes crucial because the blue verification badge is no longer enough to separate real public accounts from fake ones. As we saw in the case of pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly, this could have real life repercussions.

Musk is yet to confirm if the tag to differentiate verified accounts is still in the works or not. Also, he has not revealed how his team is going about handing out the ‘Official’ tag. Instead, his latest idea to double check public accounts is for organisations to identify which other Twitter accounts are actually associated with them.

All these moves and counter moves only shows that the widespread blue checkmark handing out at the price of $8 was a mistake. Although, Elon Musk would not admit it, yet, because doing so would mean coming up with another idea to monetise users.

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