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Elon Musk Confirms Different Twitter Colours Verification Checks

Twitter verified accounts will be getting different colours of verification checks to match their class. The company’s new boss claimed that the feature would launch next week Friday, which should be December 2nd.

Here is how the colours would be shared: Gold check for companies, grey check for government, and blue for individuals (celebrity or not). Musk added that every verified account will go through a manual authentication process before the check is activated.

The different coloured verification checks have been a long time coming even before Elon Musk tweeted about it.

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Many users have suggested a different colours scheme for the verification badges as a way to separate individuals from political office holders and organisations. Given the problem that a verified spam account caused for health company, Eli Lilly, it became vital that personal accounts have a different kind of blue check.

Of course, the entire episode could have been avoided if Twitter continued to use its former system of handing out the prestigious blue tick. However, it would not be in line with Musk’s plan to directly monetise the feature by having every verified user pay $8 per month to keep their badges.

With several of Twitter employees laid off and contract workers out of jobs, it is not clear how the company plans to manually authenticate verified accounts now and in the future if every Twitter Blue subscriber is to be given the badge. Likely, the company would be hiring more gig workers to handle this exercises.

More verified accounts could pop up soon on the platform as Musk has decided to let every suspended account return.

These major decisions are being taken by one man, which goes against his initial promise to hire a diverse council to handle these matters.

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