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Elon Musk Reveals Twitter Algorithm Recommends Accounts You Hate

After keeping mum on the issue of Twitter algorithm recommendations, owner Elon Musk has confirmed that the AI does show you accounts you hate and ‘thrash’ more often.



In the above Tweet, Musk confirmed what many of us have only hinted at from personal experience on the platform. Although, it does not appear to be a new development, it is not of the the things that the Tesla boss will change as he sees it as not wrong.


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Just about a week ago, the company redesigned its timeline feature to automatically show you recommended Tweets with an option to view posts from accounts you follow in a chronological order.


Feeding off hate is a risky business because while it gets the much-needed interaction, the platform could quickly devolve into a toxic place where people avoid. However, it seems that this is not yet happening on a grand enough scale to worry the powers that be.


Would things have been different if Twitter had been a more active  investor? - Global Venturing


So, if you wonder why your For You tab is showing content you disagree with, it is the algorithm doing its job. Also, this does not only happen on the TL but even in replies to Tweets.


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