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Elon Musk Suspends Kanye West Twitter Account

Elon Musk confirmed that Twitter suspended Kanye West Twitter account for violating its rule against incitement to violence.

The suspension comes less than a month after the Grammy winning rapper was allowed to return to the platform. In a follow-up tweet, Musk claimed that he had tried his best to rein in Ye’s outbursts but he’d been unsuccessful.

However, some users have claimed that the suspension was only effected because of the old unflattering photo that Mr. West shared of the chubby-looking Twitter boss being hosed down by UFC owner Ari Emanuel. They said that the anti-Semitic content had been allowed to stay on the platform for hours before the suspension.

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Musk further tweeted to clarify that the photo had nothing to do with his decision to block Ye’s Twitter access.

The permanent suspension of Kanye West cast a shadow over Elon Musk Twitter 2.0, which he claims would support freedom of speech. Many have found it hard to see where the rapper’s tweets had crossed the line into inciting violence. It could further prove that the previous Twitter admin’s decision to suspend some accounts was necessary. Although, Musk has made it seem like their actions were motivated to appeal to a particular political party.

The “Gold Digger” crooner had joined conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’ Infowars program to spread some anti-Semitic thoughts earlier in the day, including saying that he saw good things in the former German dictator Adolf Hitler. It was after the hours on air that he went to Twitter to further drive home his thoughts, topping it off with a image of a swastika embedded into a star of David.

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