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Elon Musk Is Testing Brain Microchips On Monkeys

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk made some shocking revelations at a recent presentation through his neurotechnology company, Neuralink. The company presented its ambition to design microchips that could receive and transmit signals to the human brain. The end goal is to be able to achieve a breakthrough in the treatment of brain disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s.


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They will supposedly implant the chip behind the ear connected to a think human hair sized electrode thread. This will then thread into the brain to stimulate nerve cells and neurons.


Musk says they have been doing animal testing on the chips using monkeys and rats. He explained that the results have been positive. One of the senior scientists at Neuralink also said that some of the results of the tests will be available to the public soon. The idea is for humans to control computers with their brains.


According to Elon Musk, they have been able to get a monkey to control a computer with its brain. However, this little piece of information seems to have been revealed prematurely. The President of the company, Max Hodak, expressed his shock at the revelation of the brain microchips.


Hodak felt the need to make clarifications on the issues associated with animal testing. He said, “We wish that we didn’t have to work with animals. We just wish that wasn’t a step in the process, but it is.” Musk concluded by saying that human testing will begin by the end of 2020.


You can watch the full presentation below.



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Plat4om giveaway: Check the picture at the end for a surprise.

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