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Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is not getting a new trial

— A federal judge denied a motion for Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes to get a new trial.
Her lawyers filed two newly discovered evidence on the back of hearing new testimony from state’s witness Adam Rosendorff.
Elizabeth Holmes sentencing is expected to go on as planned on November 18, 2022.

Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes is not getting a new trial after a federal judge denied the motion her lawyers filed on Monday, November 7, 2022.

Recall that the case began to get more interest recently after the state’s star witness, former Theranos lab director Adam Rosendorff, allegedly appeared on Holmes’ front door ‘to apologise.’ Read more here: Elizabeth Holmes gets new hearing after surprise visit from witness.

Although Elizabeth herself didn’t meet him, as her lawyers claim, her partner, Billy Evans, admitted that he did and had asked Rosendorff to leave. Instead, Rosendorff had kept talking, saying how sorry he was for his testimony and claiming that the prosecutors twisted his answers to make things appear worse. He was hoping he could make amends to rectify the situation.

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“In the months following Elizabeth Holmes’ conviction I started to feel increasingly distressed and uncomfortable at the prospect her young child would spend the formative years of their life without their mother,” the former lab director had said.

At the time, the judge agreed to hear the case but clarified that if Rosendorff’s appearance shed no new light on the case, then, there would be no change to the arrangement to have her sentenced on November 18.

According to the filing, her lawyers presented two additional evidences, but they weren’t enough. So, there will be no new trial.

While the maximum sentences on the charges of wire fraud she was convicted upon carry maximum of 20 years each, it is likely that she may only have to serve a fraction of them.

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