You are currently viewing Eldee calls out Olu Maintain for performing his song “Big Boy” on Stage

Eldee calls out Olu Maintain for performing his song “Big Boy” on Stage

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Nigerian Rapper Lanre Dabiri, popularly known as eLDee slammed Olu Maintain on social media after the latter posted a video of his New York performance on stage.

The ‘Yahooze’ crooner lashed out because Olu Maintain performed his song “Big Boy” on stage without appropriate permission.

The Nigerian Rapper maintained that Olu Maintain had only been featured in the song alongside other artistes like Banky W and Oladele. He went ahead to call him a “Shameless N*gga”.

The leader of defunct Da Trybes Men crew posted this shameless n*gga out here on stages performing my song like he created it. I still remember how he tried to steal the record after I put him on it, forcing me to put it out prematurely. Nigga ran off with the unmastered draft and went to print CDs with himself as the lead artist, even his verse was written by me #Appropriation #getyourownshit Lesson to young artist Don’t ever do pity features,” he wrote.

He went on to pull down the comment and to apologize to his fans.

“Last post was out of character. If you know me, you know that I don’t usually sweat s**t like that. Sorry if I offended you but I have a lot of stories I never got to tell about the shady nonsense I kept quiet from in that industry. #NigerianAmericanPodcast #NewEpisodes #ComingSoon,” he wrote.

It is obvious the two have issues to work out and we hope to get an insight into Olu Maintains side of the story.

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