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Eight Technology Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago

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The advancement in technology might be the reason for the loss of some jobs. However, it is the only reason some other job roles exist. Maybe, eventually, some will say the pros of new technology outweigh the cons. These modern roles have only been created because technology needs more influence from human minds to help solve problems. Technology also seems to be the most lucrative career as it is. The richest men are mostly in tech. Take the hint!


These job titles did not exist a few years ago simply because technology is not where it is today. Fast forward to ten more years and we’ll see how much more technology will usher in.


Eight technology jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago

1. Data Scientist

Data Scientists


This role ushers in a new generation of analytical data experts with technical skills that solve complex problems. They explore problems and figure out the issues that need addressing. They are usually expected to have some computer science, mathematical and trend-spotting skills. The need to understand data for business makes them an asset.


2. App Developer

App Developer

Sometimes you may wonder how you survived without certain essential day-to-day apps on your phone. These days, apps are as important as the smartphone itself. There are some business functions we won’t be able to carry out without certain applications. These people make the apps come alive. They design and code functional programs and applications for mobile platforms. They develop the concept and write codes for dating apps, games and essential apps.


3. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager


Creativity with a mix of marketing skills and understanding of how to engage with social media is what this role entails. This role was not needed before, but now most brands and businesses employ these people to help manage their customer engagement online. It is also a form of marketing that helps the business reach its growing online population.


4. Uber Driver

Uber Driver


Think about it; if Uber did not start, there will probably never be an app that lets you choose a car or driver. The most important part is that there will probably be no ride-hailing car drivers at all. The company has since grown, and other competitors like Bolt have sprung up. There is now GoKada, which is also a cab-hailing service in Lagos. These driving jobs owe their existence to recent technology and a mobile phone app.


5. Cloud Computing Specialist

Cloud Computer Specialist


With growing cloud projects and businesses depending more on online resources and storage, there is an increase in cloud skills. Public cloud spending is predicted to reach about £197 billion by 2021. This is a job that is also very lucrative and can pay as much as £100,000 a year. This is because it is a growing profession, and expertise is very valuable. Just in case you are wondering what you should study a degree in. You might want to consider this.


6. YouTube Content Creator

YouTube Content Creator


YouTube was created in 2005 when three employees of PayPal started sharing videos online. The online platform has since birthed stars and given rise to celebrities. It has since escalated out of control and people not only make A LOT of money from views but also now stage concerts and meet-and-greets with fans garnered on there. It has over 1.9 billion monthly users and advertising on the platform now reeks in millions of dollars yearly.


7. Developer Evangelist

Developer Evangelist


This one is interesting. A developer evangelist is someone that mediates and maintains good communication between a company, its technical staff and outside developers. They help to explain tasks and join business processes together. This has developed into an important role for tech companies. He is the spokesperson that preaches the truth of his organisation and gets others to buy his method.


8. AI Engineer

AI Engineer


This is someone who works on Artificial Intelligence problems and technologies. These engineers are particularly necessary with the growing profound impact of AI and machine learning. These people have the skills to bring artificial answers to new age technologies. They tackle unique design challenges by combining traditional application logic and machine learning models to build robots and machines.

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