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Eight Signs That You Are Dating Your Soulmate

A Soulmate is everyone’s dream; that one person who just makes the love journey worth it.


Everyone wants to spend their “happily ever after” with their soul mate or better half.


Wondering if the person you are dating is your soulmate? Below are signs you should look out for in your relationship.

1. Respect

Eight Signs That Proves You Are Dating Your Soulmate


You respect and value them and their opinion over that of others. Even if you disagree with their view, you still respect it. You also respect their autonomy over themselves and not as your property.

2. Empathy

When they are sad or in pain, you feel it with them. Instead of sympathizing with them, you put yourself in their shoes and really feel what they are feeling.

3. Trust

You should feel secure and protected by your soulmate. You also trust your soulmate to protect you and your feelings.

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4. Prioritize one another


You both put the other first in life, above all else. Of course, you need to eat, sleep and breathe but you put them in front of other activities, especially when they need you.

5. The spark

With your soulmate, your conversations have a spark. You love talking to them, hearing their worldview and knowing how they feel about certain topics or situations.

6. Zeal to succeed

They don’t let you get too comfortable with your life as it is. They are always pushing you to do better. Whether it’s a higher test score or a new job or a promotion at work, they want you to succeed and will push you to get the best results possible.

7. Openness and honesty

You don’t lie to each other (unless when planning a surprise for them) and you can open up to them and tell them how you’re feeling without fear of judgment.

8. Teamwork

You have a little bit of that “us against the world” mentality going on. You can both trust that the other will be on your side.


So if you see all of these qualities with your partner then you’re in the right one. You are dating your soulmate and who knows, the wedding bell may just ring in your corner soon.



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