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Eight Great Gifts For A New Mother

Childbirth is quite an ordeal and, after going through it, a new mother needs all the help she can get to take care of her baby, recover from the delivery, and feel like herself again. Here are a couple of gifts you can give to a new mother.


1. Breastfeeding tools

gift for new mother


A good gift for a new mother will be one that helps her feed the baby well. Whether it’s a thermal bottle, real-feel feeding bottles, or a milk expression kit, get her something that will reduce the stress of constantly breastfeeding.


2. B****t pads

It is common for breastmilk to come leaking through a new mother’s shirt, so a good gift for her would be b****t pads. B****t pads serve as a barrier between the nipples and the bra to avoid leakage. Better yet, a helpful tip would be to repurpose pads or panty liners.


3. Nursing bras

gift for new mother


A new mother cannot go back to her regular bras, so consider gifting her with nursing bras. Get her something comfortable with a soft lining that properly supports her breasts and is also easy on her shoulders.


4. Food

Whether or not she has someone that helps around the house, a new mother would love to be gifted with food. Find an online vendor that makes either platter or home-made food in bulk. Buy her favourite meal and have it delivered to her to put a smile on her face.


5. Self-care products


After giving birth, the new mother needs gifts that make her feel like herself again. You can get her a postpartum recovery kit to make her feel better down there. You can also get her skincare and hair products, a pamper kit or even fancy pyjamas. If you want to be extra, you could even pay for a spa day for her. She needs to feel beautiful, and you can help her do that.


6. Onesies

There’s no such thing as too many baby onesies. Baby clothes get dirty really fast, and extra onesies give mummy some more time until the next laundry session. They can also be used for layering when the weather is colder.


7. Muslin cloths

This is another thing that a new mother cannot have too much of. Muslin cloths are versatile pieces of soft fabric that can be used for bathing the baby, wiping, cleaning the baby’s face, and a lot more. Muslin cloths can also be used as a skincare wipe for the mother.


8. Take her out


Between delivery and postpartum recovery, a new mother stays cooped up at home a lot. You can save her from the cabin fever by giving her a day off from all the crying and dirty diapers. Take her out to a concert or a fun event and show her a good time.


We hope this list was helpful. If you have any questions or suggestions, tell us in the comment section below. Happy gifting.


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