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Eight Delicious Nigerian Street Foods You Should Explore More

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Nigeria is one country that boasts of several interesting street foods. Regardless of your class in society, street food is something you must have indulged at some point in your life if not always.


In fact, street food is one of the things Nigerians miss the most when out of the country as it is special and unique to us. This piece will highlight some of the best street food out there.


Hot Akara balls are one of the most popular street food in Nigeria. It’s made from ground bean paste, spiced and fried in hot oil. It is paired with garri soaked in cold water, pap, bread, or eaten just as it is.



This is another street food made from ground bean paste but this time, it’s boiled instead of fried. Moin-moin is sold hot from large cauldrons by street vendors and is mostly eaten for breakfast.

A moin-moin seller hawking her wares

Ewa Agoyin and Agege Bread

This street food is a favorite of Nigerians, especially in the western part of the country. It’s made from boiled and mashed beans (ewa) and a special spicy stew (agoyin). Its usually sold by women who hawk it in large bowls from street to street with bread sellers in tow because there’s no ewa agoyin without bread.

street foods


Boli and fish

This is yet another delicious street food in Nigeria. Boli is plantains roasted over coal heat. Boli and fish is a staple in the South-south of Nigeria, especially in Port-Harcourt and Bayelsa states. It’s mostly paired with groundnut in other parts of the country.


Puff puff and buns

Puff puff and buns is made from fried dough and sold in the open streets. Oily yet delicious, this food is a staple in Nigerian streets.

street foods

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Abacha aka African salad is made from shredded sun-dried cassava and sauced with palm fruit juice. Paired with fried fish or cow skin (ponmo), it is sold by vendors from street to street.

street foods

Roasted/boiled corns

Corns are seasonal and usually show up towards the middle to the end of the year. The roasted variety is prepared over smoldering embers of coal while the cooked one is boiled in huge iron drums balanced on blazing firewood sticks. It usually paired with coconut or Ube.

street foods
Boiled corn and Ube


Suya which is really barbecued meat is arguably the most popular street food in Nigeria. It’s grilled by mostly young men from the North of Nigeria and sold in almost every street.

street foods


An Honorable Mention goes out to Gala ( packaged sausage roll) and also, Pepsi, which has saved many a life from the fiery jowls of hunger.


What’s your favorite street food? Let’s know in the comment section below.


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