You are currently viewing eFootball PES 2021 To Become Available On 15th October 2020, See More Details

eFootball PES 2021 To Become Available On 15th October 2020, See More Details

The developers of eFootball smartphone games have announced that PES 2021 will become available to users on 15th October 2021. Here are other details that you should know.


If you already have the eFootball PES 2020, you can play the 2021 version when it is pre-open without downloading a new app. The developers will perform a version update of the newer game online. The scheduled period for the activity will is 12th to 15th October 2020.


However, the pre-open period will run from the 15th until 22nd October 2020. Also, any squad changes you make will be sent to the game’s online service. It is important to note that there may be unannounced maintenance periods during the time is in the pre-open mode.

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The eFootball PES version 5.0 will be available for download during the maintenance period. After that, the current version of the game, versions 4.6.2 will not be available for play anymore. It will be tagged as the normal periodic ‘maintenance period’ only that this will take more time. In fact, in a message the game developers sent, they said they may extend the maintenance period even longer if necessary.


During the time of maintenance period, you will only be able to launch the game and see the title window. Beyond that, the game will be largely inaccessible and thus, unplayable.


“We understand that extend periods of maintenance can be extremely frustrating,” the game makers said in a message to users, “but we promise you that it will be well worth the wait once you experience all the amazing new content coming with the latest update.” eFootball PES 2021 will bring the latest smartphone gaming graphics to the fore in its coming release.


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